2008 Summit Presentations

14th National Pension & Institutional Investor Summit

Kickoff Speaker: Tip Parker, Author, Writer and Consultant
                           Stocks, Mortgages, and Social Security - Looking Beyond Total Returns

Panel Discussion: Fixed Income - How to avoid disaster
   Steve Cooke, SMH Capital Advisors, Inc.
   Gilbert A. Garcia, Houston Municipal Employees Pension System
   Paul T. Schmidt, Moderator, BNY Mellon Asset Servicing
   Joe H. Wright, Baptist Foundation of Texas

Breakout sessions

Breakout Panel 1: DC Plans - Will defaults deliver adequate retirement?
   Charles Ballard, Kimberly-Clark Corporation
   John A. Pickett, Moderator, RBC Wealth Management
   Robert W. Ryan, Employees' Retirement Fund of the City of Dallas

Breakout Panel 2: Public Plans New regulatory issues
   Mark R. Randall, Gabriel, Roeder, Smith & Company
   Ruth T. Ryerson, Fort Worth Employees' Retirement Fund

Luncheon Speaker: David Macey, Advisor, The Boston Company
                   Are We There Yet? The Outlook for the Economy

Panel Discussion: Alternatives - What can they provide?
   Stanley Hayes, El Paso Firemen & Policemen's Pension Fund
   Howard Harpster, Texas Children's Hospital
   Brian L. Lawrence, Army & Air Force Exchange Service
   Russell Mann, Moderator, Lincoln Vale LLC, in association with ING Investment Management

Panel Discussion: Equities - How to structure your portfolio
   Alan Bergin, Moderator, Larry Thompson & Associates, Inc.
   Wyatt Crumpler, American Airlines
   Eric Henry, Texas Municipal Retirement System

Panel Discussion: Risk Management Does it, Did it ever work?
   Seth Finkelstein, ING Investment Management
   Randall L. Kopsa, Moderator, Boy Scouts of America, National
   Daniel E. O'Grady, AT&T Inc.
   Mitchell L. Stone, Fluor Corporation

NOTE: not all speakers and panelists had slides